Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rapper J Cole apologizes for insensitive lyrics about autism

An American rap artist who drew criticism for using a disparaging line about people with autism in a song lyric has apologized.

J Cole said he had removed the line, which referred to rivals as "autistic" and "retarded," from the song "Jodeci Freestyle."

"I want to educate myself more on Autism, and I'll gladly own my mistake and serve as an example to today's generation that there's nothing cool about mean-spirited comments about someone with Autism," J Cole wrote on his blog, DreamVillain.

"People with this disorder and their loved ones have to go through so much already, the last thing they need is to hear something as ignorant as what I said," he continued in the post, dated July 21. "I understand."

J Cole had performed the song with the rapper Drake, who has also apologized.

"This was a learning lesson for both of us, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to try to right this wrong," Drake posted on his website on Monday.

The lyrics drew criticism from people with autism spectrum disorder and their families.
After the song was widely publicized last month, the blogger Lou Melgarejo, whose daughter has autism, asked the two artists to consider the impact of their words.

"Ultimately, you are free to say/rap/sing whatever you want," he wrote in a post that was carried on the website of the advocacy organization Autism Speaks. "I am just asking that you please stop insulting those who often cannot defend themselves."

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  1. I have a son with autism he is 13 he is my pride and joy and wouldn't trade him for what others say is normal! But in music today is why children judge and bully special needs kids! We as adults need to watch what we say and do so our children can run this messed up world that we are living in!!! I really hope both of you learned and I hope and pray that it won't happen again!!!

    1. People that don't have to go through it will never have a clue as to what it's really like to have a family member or a child with autism. I'm a single, black mother who waited to have a child until I was stable and got all of my partying out of me,I'm responsible,I work full-time,I did EVERYTHING RIGHT and MY ONLY/FIRST BORN CHILD HAS AUTISM J.COLE!! J.COLE,IMAGINE THAT YOU WOKE UP TOMORROW MORNING AND YOU FORGOT ALL OF YOUR RAPS,IMAGINE YOU CAN'T GET A WORD OUT but you try so hard but nothing but sounds come out,then when you walk outside of your tour bus the sun is so bright that your eyes hurt and outside world is so freaking loud that it sound like you're in a club next to the speakers AND you are so anxious,nervous and afraid that you shit on yourself but you forgot how to use the bathroom or better yet,you don't like the feel of the toilet AND you forgot how to clean yourself,wipe yourself or wash your hands!! That's just a just imagine example punk...I LIVE THE REALITY!! I heard your music on the radio and its aight but I wouldn't go buy it..You may never even read my comment and if you do,I'll just be a small person in a big world to you but I'm a supermom, I advocate for my son,hell I cut his hair w/clippers (& I'm not a beautician) because he won't step foot in a barbershop. Your apology is for publicity to me,I doubt you will ever educate yourself about autism and you will carry on with your life w/no regrets.FUCK YOU PUNK!! I hope my reply makes your publicity go off the charts.I'm no threat to you and fear no man, I'm just tired of the "extraness" from clueless people like yourself. I would put my name on here but I can't risk my safety from internet spooks.