Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall-Friendly Activities For Kids With Autism

The very last thing a parent of an autistic child wants is to make day-to-day life even more
challenging for their child. Unfortunately, many parents are guilty of doing just that -- and without realizing it. Too few American adults realize autistic children's full potential, and -- for that reason -- they inadvertently hold their children back. If you have an autistic child, remember: interactive, sensory activities and physical activities are vastly important, and kids may even surprise you by excelling in some unlikely areas. Here are some of the best physical and sensory activities for autistic children this winter and fall.

The Best Sensory Activities For Chilly Fall And Winter Weather

Get your kids outside and moving -- and exploring colors and sensations -- using a few condiment bottles filled with warm water and a few drops of food coloring. (You may want to skip yellow to avoid awkward questions from the neighbors.) After a fresh snow fall of at least several inches, bring kids outside with their bottles of food coloring and let them draw colorful designs and shapes into the snow. If you want to stay inside, try making holiday-themed clay objects (clay is a great sensory material!); pumpkins are great for fall and Halloween, and snowflakes are a festive and challenging shape for winter holidays.

Fall-Friendly Sports Physical Activities And Sports

Just because the weather takes a turn for the worse doesn't mean that you have an excuse to stop helping your kids better themselves. Children today are 10 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than they were in the 1980s (and most children will be diagnosed before age three!). Thankfully, physical exercise can help treat various types of autism and children with autism; physical exertion improves coordination and keeps children with autism calm. Moreover, indoor swimming and martial arts are the perfect solution to winter-time exercise. A sensory swing is a great tool to keep kids activity and healthy while at home.

Help children with autism reach their full potential by encouraging and directing sensory activities and autism-friendly sports year-round, even during the cold winter and fall months.

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