Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Simple Ways To Help Kids With Autism Develop Strong Social Skills

cocoon swing
Studies show that as many as 3.5 million Americans have some level of autism spectrum disorder. Young children make up a large portion of this number; one in 68 kids have ASD, with the majority (one in 42) being boys. What is autism? Autism is the neurological development disorder and symptoms start being obvious when most are very young -- at just three years old. Autism can have effects on critical learning skills and social development -- and some of these effects are devastating for parents and children. Here are some tips and activities for autistic children that can strengthen social skills and promote a happy and fulfilling parent-child relationship.

Cater To Children's Specific Needs
Unfortunately, well-intentioned researchers and caregivers tend to paint autistic children with a single brush. Just like anyone else, kids with autism are individuals -- and they need to be treated as such. Learning what makes your child unique may even be the key to getting through to them and helping them combat symptoms of autism. In his bookLife, Animated, father Ron Suskind explains how he used his son Owen's obsession with Disney movies to reach him on a more personal level. Suskind began speaking to his son using his favorite Disney characters' voices -- like Iago's -- and, from there, Owen was able to accomplish incredible feats, like vastly improving his social skills, learning to read, and, later in life, graduating from a college for special needs young adults.

Take Advantage Of The Growing Number Of Resources
There are a growing number of resources, tools and toys, and treatments for autism; don't let them go to waste. Several tools, such as sensory products and autism products, can use simple principles to help kids learn better and faster. Cocoon swings, for example, promote a healthy level of physical activity and play, while also wrapping around autistic children and helping them better interpret and process sensory information. Most of the swings also come in bright colors, which also plays an important role in stimulating sensory learning in autistic children.

Kids with autism can flourish with love and the right resources. Get to know every little thing about your child (this information may be what you need to help them), and introduce them to simple toys and fixtures, like cocoon swings, that can vastly improve sensory and overall learning.

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