Monday, November 3, 2014

Simple And Effective Sensory Activities For Children With Autism

art activities for autistic children
Too many Americans assume that children with autism cannot do the things other children do. This is problematic -- especially as more studies show that the current tally of American children with autism (1 in 68, with 1 in 42 being young boys) is low. Moreover, today's children are 10 times more likely to have autism than children from the 1980s, and studies estimate than more than 3.5 million Americans currently have some form of autism spectrum disorder.

Engaging in normal activities can help treat autism symptoms -- and, against all odds, many autistic children actually flourish in some unlikely areas. Five year old Iris Grace, for example, proves art activities for autistic children not only help serve as sensory treatments for autism -- they can also reveal true and inspiring artistic talent. What other everyday pursuits are great sensory activities for autistic children?

Swimming And Water Sports
A few words of caution: drowning, unfortunately, is the number one cause of accidental death among children and adults with autism. That only makes it even more important to introduce autistic children to swimming at young age, however. There are special swimming lessons and water sports programs specifically for autistic kids. These programs keep kids safe and help them tackle sensory obstacles and boundaries typically associated with autism. "Many autistic people have an affinity for water because its hydrostatic pressure is calming for them," U-T San Diego explains.

Autistic Children Have A Knack For Music
Musical instruments -- particularly percussion instruments -- act as a great sensory experience, while also engaging young children's interest. Parents can purchase plastic drums and maracas for kids, or they can simply hand over a plastic spoon and a lightweight pot without sharp edges. Remember, art activities for autistic children do not necessarily have to be literal -- music, dancing, acting, and writing are art, too!

You don't necessarily have to do anything completely out of left field for autistic children. Seemingly simple and straightforward sensory activities, like swimming lessons and playing musical instruments, can help a great deal.

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