Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Hang an Autism Swing

Since all ceilings are different, most of the swings do not include the ceiling attachment.  You should always talk to a licensed contractor for the safest option, but here are a couple of ideas.  First you need to find a good location for the swing.  It needs to be clear of all obstacles. 

In my house we have a flat roof with large beams running just above the ceiling.  My husband screwed an eye hook into one of those beams and we attach all out swings to it with different ropes and swivels.

For a basic ceiling with wood beams running above you will need. 

  • Pencil
  • Stud-finder
  • Electric drill
  • 7/16-inch-by-3-inch eye hook
  • 3/8-inch drill bit
First my husband found the center of the stud in the ceiling.  He used an electric stud-finder to find a stud in the location we wished to hang the chair.  You slide the stud-finder in one direction until the sensor beeps or lights up, and then make a light mark on the ceiling with your pencil. Repeat the steps coming from the opposite direction to find the other side of the stud. Make a third pencil mark in the middle between the first two pencil lines to denote the center of the stud.

He then drilled a hole for the eye hook.  Outfit an electric drill with a 3/8-inch bit, and drill directly into the middle mark made in Step One to denote the center point of the stud.

He then screwed the eye bolt into the ceiling.  Start turning the eye hook into the drilled hole by hand. Once the teeth of the hook catch the stud, continue twisting the hook as deeply into the stud as you can by hand, and then finish by slipping a long-handled steel pipe or screwdriver into the eye of the hook to give it leverage. Finish twisting the entire hook into the stud, all the way up to the base of the eye. 

Below are a couple of kits for different types of ceilings.   

For an exposed basement ceiling CLICK HERE

For I or H beams CLICK HERE

For straddling 2 wooden beams CLICK HERE

For a large wooden beam CLICK HERE

Options for a drop ceiling CLICK HERE

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