Saturday, August 6, 2016

Benefits of Pokemon Go and Autism

Pokemon Go became extremely popular in every corner of the world within a short period of time. It was a
location based game, which used augmented reality to deliver a unique experience to the users. The main objective of individuals who play Pokemon Go is to explore the map and capture Pokemon creatures as much as possible. Then they will be able to use those captured Pokemon creatures and win battles.
From the recent studies, it has been identified that Pokemon Go game has the potential to create a tremendous impact on children with autism.
As mentioned earlier, Pokemon Go is all about navigating through the map, building the gaming abilities and preparing for the next exploration. In fact, these unique features of Pokemon Go have the ability to deliver a variety of benefits for the kids who suffer from autism. Most of the parents have realized these benefits.
Pokemon Go promotes user interaction by bringing them together for one common area. People who share common interests would come to these common areas with the objective of capturing Pokemon creatures. Then they would eventually interact with each other and make new friendships. Since they have a common topic to discuss new conversations are easier to start. Even autism experts and psychologists have been surprised by these social benefits delivered by Pokemon Go.
Pokemon Go is also in a position to offer routine flexibility for the children who are affected with autism. Children with autism have their own preferred environments and they do not tend to leave the confines. However, Pokemon Go can force them to leave their confines and explore the neighborhood. It has been identified that most of the children who wanted to stay inside have now starting going out with the objective of capturing Pokemon creatures. This can deliver a variety of benefits for them as well. The ability to engage with the surrounding environment holds a prominent place out of these benefits.
Last but not least, Pokemon Go can create excellent bonding opportunities. In fact, most of the modern world parents use Pokemon Go as an effective tool to bond with their little ones. It can also be considered as an excellent method available to go outside and get moving. In other words, parents and kids are provided with the opportunity to have more time to strengthen the relationships.

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