Thursday, September 29, 2016

Disney Still Trying to Work Out Disability Access System

For many people around the world, Disney Land hold a special place in their hearts, but for parents with children who have autism and other disability’s it can prove challenging.
After using the same Guest Assistance Card system for anyone with a disability for several years, Disney has recently introduced its new Disability Access System. Disney claims that the old system was being abused and hopes that this new system will provide guests with fairer access to all park facilities while weeding out anyone who would look to take advantage of the system.
The old Guest Assistance Card system allowed guest with the card to jump the cue at rides. The new Disability Access System requires pre-registering and then presenting yourself at a ride to find out when you can then have your turn. The attendants at the ride will give you a return time; then you simply return at the designated time to enjoy the ride. Under the new system, there will be some waiting involved, but guests using the system will still be able to enjoy the rides with a minimal wait time.
But is the new Disability Access System better or worse?
The new system is getting mixed reviews from some different clients that have already been using the new system. Many of these guests are return customers who have already used the previous system. Where children could often understand the need to wait in line and wait their turn for a short time, they don’t understand they have to leave and then return. For many children or adults who have autism, being told to leave and simply occupy their time while they wait is not acceptable.
While Disney is still trying to test their new system and refine any problems, they believe they are doing what they can to ensure everyone has a good time while at their parks. If you feel that you couldn’t make the new system work, then you may be best advised to seek an alternate experience.

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