Sunday, August 20, 2017

Netflix’s Latest Television Drama Offers Viewers An ‘Atypical’ Love Story

Is Netflix’s newest sitcom trying to portray a funny show about autism, or are they trying to squeeze autism into a funny show? Only viewers will be the ultimate judge.

The jury is still out on Atypical, Netflix’s latest sitcom that features Sam, a young man with autism. The makers of Atypical were obviously trying to avoid some of the more common clichés associated with autism but may have fallen into some regardless. Some people feel that they may be trying to make a funny show where the main character has autism simply because autism is in the media right now, forcing autism into an otherwise generic comedy.

Are television shows and movies which portray autism as funny helping to dispel myths and public misconceptions about autism or are they just cashing in on? This show isn’t anything new about autism, but how the public feels is going to be the ultimate decision maker.

They say that any publicity is good publicity and Atypical is helping to push autism awareness onto a global scale. Many shows which feature characters on the autism spectrum tend to be darker or more drama based, but a light-hearted look at an otherwise serious condition is always welcomed. The intentions of Atypical may be good, highlighting autism in a warm and laughter filled light, showing many people that aren’t aware of what autism is that it isn’t anything you need to worry about. For people personally involved with autism, it may be less entertaining.

For many people on the autism spectrum or who have loved ones on the spectrum, the show will be just too unrealistic. While they may have meant well, too many autism clichés keep cropping up in the first season. We aren’t here to judge for you, however, so watch it for yourself and let us know how you felt about Atypical in the comments below.

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